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Volume 3 - No. 1 -  2004

Belief Systems


I Believe - by Tom Maguire

Our beliefs are just  constructions of how the world works, built up through our daily experience. There is no problem with that unless we succumb to the temptation to believe that our model really explains how the world works.

I Believe - by Michael Mallows

Occasionally, I think it must be nice, comforting, to believe in something with absolute certainty. Then I think back to when I had the comfort of No Doubt. How arrogant I was, how contemptuous of others’ beliefs, how ready I was to tell them how wrong they were (and how right I was!).

Science as a Belief System - by Aaron Davidson

One of the greatest features of science is that it works as an algorithmic process of belief revision. No scientific belief being held can be said to be absolutely true, no matter how convincing it is. This is how science compensates for the small amount of faith it requires. . .

It seems strange to me that people are still attempting to unify science and religion. These two types of belief systems are entirely incompatible. Someone holding both religious and scientific beliefs cannot be thinking scientifically, as it is inconsistent.