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Volume 3 - No. 1 -  2004

The Last Word


Appearing at the time of year when it is traditional to review past achievements and set targets for a new year, we at Nurturing Potential can be both pleased and proud with the progress we have made.

All of last year's targets were met.  [A little secret to share with you: if you want to be certain that you will meet your targets and maintain your resolutions, you simply "chunk them down" (in computer terminology) until they are small enough to present little of a challenge.  But remember: one person's ski slope may be another person's Everest.*]

We have several surprises planned for our readers in 2004, but are not quite ready to lift the lid on them.  In the meantime, if you have not yet subscribed or renewed an expired subscription, why not chunk down to the bottom of this ski slope and do so via SUBSCRIPTION



We hope you are enjoying the second instalment of this series which featured not only the two articles by editorial board members which had been promised in our previous issue, but also an exciting introduction to Aaron Davidson via his Science as a Belief System article.  We hope to persuade him to share more of his unique approach to the philosophy of science in future issues.  


And please do not hesitate to provide your own contributions to this series.  It matters not a jot how long or short they are, or what may be your specific approach, they simply need to be suitable to appear under the heading "I Believe".



The Language theme continues and we have been sent a considerable number of newly published books by major publishing houses who apparently approve the quality and style of our reviews.  Some of them have actually written and praised reviews, and their comments have been passed on to the reviewers.


The Learning Difficulties theme, with its emphasis on  ADD/ADHD and special needs will continue in the next issue and, here too, we have been promised a number of books for review relevant to this issue.  We will email existing and potential reviewers with a list of titles in due course and - as always - it will be a case of "first come, first served". 



we remain open to suggestions for additional themes, backed up, we hope, by articles, and still have our eyes set on the future themes of:


Bridging Cultural Differences - Class, Religion, Ethnicity, Education - the status quo versus innovation, as applied in our personal and professional aspirations.


Only Connect.  Networks and networking and their potential for self- and group-development.



the pleasant task of thanking you for your continued support and the hope that you have all enjoyed the festive season in whichever way is appropriate to you.





* That presents an interesting possibility for a reframe.  If I put my targets at the bottom of a slope rather than the top . . .   Hmmm.  Have to think about it.