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Volume 3 - No. 2 -  2004

Belief Systems


Does Science Lead to Magic or Vice-Versa - by Ramsey Dukes

Subtitled A challenge to the idea that magic is a primitive forerunner of science, this is Ramsey Dukes' follow-up to the article he contributed to the second issue of Nurturing Potential two years ago, wherein he questioned the notion that Science is the epitome of down-to-earth realism whereas Magic is the realm of airy fairy escapist fantasy


Uncle Albert's Method - by Aaron Davidson

In the rational emotive way of looking at emotional distress, anything that triggers habituated thinking and feeling is called an activating event . . . an insulting remark, a conversation, a smell, a memory, bad news, good news, the weather . . . anything at all.

Albert Ellis, in the 1950s, developed a way of helping people deal with their irrational beliefs.  His approach is called Rational Emotive Therapy.  In this article from Aaron Davidson's impressive website, Aaron describes how "Uncle" Albert's method enables you to develop the ability to observe your own thinking, tracking down the erroneous bits in order to challenge and dispute them.


All You Need is Lurve - by Stephen J.M. Bray

A meeting with his bank manager triggered Stephen's thoughts on such un-banking-like matters as survival needs and growth needs, and thence to the conclusion that both are but aspects of love, which is "the greatest motivator in the universe".

There is really no battle between survival needs that are pain-motivated and growth needs that are pleasure-motivated, but between the conditioned mind and unconditional love.