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Volume 3 - No. 6 -  2004

Belief Systems

"The fundamental things apply - as time goes by" - Popular song


Fundamentalism - Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition - by Denis Postle

I've had the idea for a while [writes Denis Postle] that fundamentalism might provide a promising line of inquiry into understanding domination and the love of power. Events in Russia, Iraq, Israel and Palestine in the last week have been a reminder that fundamentalist religion is now on all of our agendas.

I've looked at what fundamentalism is, how it comes into being, and why it is likely to be harmful. And... as befits an inquiry, I found some surprises - examples of fundamentalism in unsuspected places.

Denis recently sent Nurturing Potential details of his updated website and has kindly consented to our posting some of the material within Nurturing Potential.  We thought this recent article of Denis's fitted well within our Beliefs section - and you can view the original and much, much more on Denis will undoubtedly welcome direct responses to his published material via the blog section of his website.