A simple way to use affirmations

 to help you stop snacking

[Reproduced from the Health and Goodness newsletter of Jane Thurnell-Read]

Affirmations can be extremely useful in lots of situations. Here's a suggested use of affirmations to stop you snacking if you're trying to lose weight.

When you have finished your meal, say an affirmation out loud several times. Heres some suggestions:

         Ive now finished eating till ....   
         I have eaten enough food to last me till .
         Im full and do not need to eat till .

You complete the sentence with whatever is suitable given the circumstances, e.g. lunch / dinner/ 7.00 pm/ till I'm really hungry again/ etc.

If you dont like these, vary it till you find something you can say with real conviction.

You can, of course, adapt it to other situations and other activities.

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