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Volume 4 - No. 3 -  2005

The Last Word





We hope the new section of news items has pleased you.  It is a constant surprise to us - and you may be excused for thinking that we are too old for such surprises -  that so few people are willing to take advantage of free publicity.


Perhaps it is just of case of "anything that is free is too expensive".


Letters to the Editor


We remind you that this is a forum for your views and your criticism of Nurturing Potential (as well as your plaudits!!).  If you do not have the time or wish to provide an article for our next issue, please do let us have a contribution to our new news section or a brief letter commenting on the contents of the present issue.  


In this issue we have a (possibly somewhat tongue-in-cheek) letter from one of our proof-readers.


Our next Main Theme


We welcome all articles, particularly those on subjects associated with the following themes, short-listed as Main Theme for a forthcoming issue. 


Anger and Aggression

Teams and Teamwork

Secularism and Humanism

Social and Antisocial Behaviour


Innovation - Where do we go from here?


If you feel inspired by any of these subjects, please let us have your thoughts.  Contributions will be published in any case, either in the next issue or held over for the next Main Theme to which they are relevant. 


DATES for the next issues


We would like to receive articles, letters and book reviews by June 15 for the next issue and by August 15 for the following issue.  Don't forget that even if you are not in a position to write articles yourself, we are always happy to be directed to the source of interesting material where the author may be approached for permission to reproduce.



Joe Sinclair


We hope this issue has pleased you.