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Volume 4 - No.4 -  2005



'My husband and I just do the best we can, hold our breath, and hope we've set aside enough money for our kid's therapy.' - Michelle Pfeiffer


The Remarkable Survival Strategy of Mr Lester Levenson - by Stephen J.M. Bray 

In a letter designed to publicise his process of self-help therapy, Lester Levenson wrote: "Almost forty years ago with my back to the wall and with only three months to live, I was forced to search for the answers to life. I decided to ask myself what it is we all want, and the answer came to me. We all want to be happy!"

Stephen Bray has written an article describing the background to Levenson's system within the context of our main theme of survival strategies.

Lester Levenson, incidentally, published the above-quoted letter at the age of 84 years.I


 Coming Home to Self - Identity and survival issues in trans-racial and inter-cultural adoption and fostering - by Michael Mallows

This article is about belonging.  In it Michael Mallows draws heavily on his experience of post-adoption work, particularly with ethnically-visible children, and with the range of strategies they are obliged to devise in order to cope with their feelings of rejection, of betrayal, of nostalgia.

This is about how they survive!