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Volume 4 - No. 4 -  2005

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Secular-Humanism versus Religious Fundamentalism.


We believe this to be a subject of immense importance and immediacy that has been brought into vivid focus recently with the bomb outrages in London.


Secular humanism has been embraced by a growing number of people during the past 35 years.  Fewer and fewer people are admitting to a religious adherence and more and more are joining the increasing numbers of secular humanism organisations worldwide, even in such a dangerous environment as fundamentalist Iran.


Secular humanists tend to avoid the dogmatic aspects of traditional religious cultures.  They may be atheists who reject all supernaturalism, or simply anti-dogmatists who see existing localised religions as based on division rather than inclusion.


They regard religious fundamentalists as superstitious, regressive and bigoted.  Fundamentalists regard secular humanists as a threat defined as non-believers in the Bible and Koran.


Secular humanism seeks to keep the government separate from the influence of any particular religion, particularly in the area of education.  Fundamentalists are convinced that they are under divine enjoinment to influence government policy and to control the secular education of their children.


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