Our Editorial Team 


Managing Editor – Joe Sinclair is a published author (9 books; 7 titles); a publisher (6 books); a journalist and an editor (in addition to Nurturing Potential, he has edited Group Relations Bulletin, Groupvine, New Learning, the IPN and DACP newsletters, and SeaCo Confidential.  In a past life he has been a company director of several shipping companies both in the UK and overseas, and is still a non-executive director of the Finnish-owned Containerships Ltd.  He regularly thinks about retirement - and then gets out of bed. Email: joe@conts.com   Website: www.conts.com



Consultant Editor –  Michael Mallows is a Management Consultant, Group Worker, Therapist, Supervisor, Adoption Consultant, Coach and Mentor; also an Author, Lyricist, Public Speaker, Team Builder and Workshop Presenter. [Click on any of the links to learn more about him and his activities] His website is www.mallows.co.uk and Email: michaelmallows@btinternet.com



Consultant Editor - Stephen Bray was born in Dorset and educated at Blandford Grammar School, and Universities in Plymouth, Manchester, Santa Cruz and London. He currently lives in Istanbul. Trained in the arts of dynamic therapy, family therapy, gestalt, process oriented psychology and NLP, he now spends his time supporting those who wish to help others. Details of his work and his contact information may be found at www.quietquality.com  Email: stephenbray@quietquality.com


Assistant Editor - Amanda Knight is a human development consultant who specialises in Emotional Intelligence (EI) and realising potential.  She is an EI practitioner, a development trainer, and a personal coach.  A large part of her work is through her role as Training Manager for Activate, who run a centre of excellence for outdoor experiential learning in the heart of the New Forest on the south coast of England.    

Website: www.activateoutdoors.co.uk.       Email: amanda@polarbear.fslife.co.uk



Technical Assistant – Philip Sinclair, through his company IT Global Solutions, provides technical and professional advice to ASPEN (the founding organisation of Nurturing Potential), including the provision of a dedicated domain, the installation and setting up of the subscription service to the online edition, and the supply and maintenance of our computer hardware.  IT Global Solutions has support contracts with several major UK companies. Email: philip@scall.co.uk    Website: www.itglobalsolutions.co.uk


Contributory Editor - Mark Edwards was a headteacher, who still teaches part-time but combines this with writing articles, educational consultancy and entertaining people who like to hear badly performed rock, pop and music hall classics. He still carries a torch for child-centred education and is encouraged by the current interest in emotional literacy and thinking skills in schools. Mark is in the process of re-locating to Somerset, with his partner Liz,  where he will continue his training in Integrative Counselling. He is a Master Practitioner in NLP (Psychotherapy). Email: Mark4Ed@aol.com.
Contributory Editor - Maite Galá has a degree in Philology. She works as a language teacher in a high school and has 26 years teaching experience in Spain and France. She is a consultant for McGill University, Canada, in reading material for foreign language students.

Website: www.xtec.es/~tgalan   E-mail: tgalan@pie.xtec.es  

Art and Graphics Editor - Yaron Livay was a prominent chartered account in Israel before retirement, since when he has divided his time between Israel and England where he is a successful artist and print maker whose work has been bought, among others, by the Victoria and Albert and the Imperial War museums.  He provided all the illustrations for Joe Sinclair and Michael Mallows book Peace of Mind is a Piece of Cake 

    Email: ylivay@hotmail.com



Contributory Editor - Tom Maguire has a BA (English), M-ès-Lettres (French) and Philology degree (Spain). He has 28 years experience in TEFL in France and Spain. At present he teaches EFL in a Spanish State high school near Barcelona and is participating in a pioneering website (www.edu365.com) to give academic support to students, teachers and parents . He is interested in using NLP to enhance Learning to Learn strategies. He is a Master Practitioner in NLP and manages e-groups for those interested in NLP in Education and S.E.A.L.    Email:jmaguire@pie.xtec.es   Website: www.xtec.es/~jmaguire


Contributory Editor - Dr Paul Schenk, Psy.D is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Atlanta, Georgia, USA since 1979, where he maintains a diverse practice providing evaluation and therapy for families, couples, and individuals. Dr. Schenk’s special interests include the evaluation and treatment of sexual abuse in children and adults, the evaluation of ADD and learning problems in children, adolescents and adults, and the clinical uses of hypnosis for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of problems. He is the author of Great Ways to Sabotage a Good Conversation [available at  www.drpaulschenk.com] Email: drpaulschenk@mindspring.com 
Contributory Editor - Elizabeth Winder.  While training as an integrative psychotherapist, Elizabeth helped to set up a user-led mental health day service and provided counselling within prison as a Probation Service volunteer.  She now runs an independent  service providing advocacy to psychiatric in-patients.  Email: magenta@ewinder.free-online.co.uk