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Volume 2 - No. 4 - 2003


The aim of education is the knowledge not of facts, but of values  
- W.R. Inge 

Careful Discipline - by Maite Galan and Tom Maguire

In the same way that a gardener cares for nature, managing a class is a way of caring for your students. It is a day to day task, requiring small and efficient interventions to encourage quality learning and healthy development in your pupils. The aim of careful management is to give you the resources you need to maintain the balance between controlling pupils behaviour and fostering the growth of positive human values

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Nurturing the Exceptionally Gifted Child - by Joe Sinclair 

A child's inability to socialize with its peers or respond acceptably to discipline may derive simply from frustration at being forced to march to the slow tempo of the drumbeat of others.  And this frustration regularly manifests itself in similar behaviour patterns to those of ADD.

It behoves both educationalists and parents to be aware of the need to avoid misdiagnosis and to ensure that the gifted child is treated appropriately in order to remedy any tendency towards anti-social behaviour.