Sharon Webb

I have been impressed with the fractal images of Sharon Webb for many years.

Twice I have emailed her for permission to reproduce one of her images in a magazine I was editing, but had no response.

I have now again requested permission to reproduce the fractalscape "Towards Wholeness" on the main page of the current online issue of Nurturing Potential.  Once again there has been no response.  As an author myself, I am very aware and concerned about any breach of an artist's copyright, but, applying to this image the consideration that I would want to have applied to a work of my own, I have reproduced it and given full credit plus a link to Sharon Webb's home site.  I feel I can do no more.

One thing bothers me, however.  There has apparently been no new image placed on her website since 2001 and this is somewhat disturbing.  If anyone reading these notes knows of the artist and her current whereabouts, or can point her (or her estate) to the Nurturing Potential reproduction of her work, this will be appreciated.

Joe Sinclair