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Volume 1 - No. 2 -  2013


Third Age

"The dark background which death supplies brings out the tender colours of life in all their purity" - George Santayana



Meet the Appalling Deirdre - by Amelia May Kingston

"She has never heard of Quentin Crisp, but obviously shares his theory that if you never do any housework, after the first six years things stop getting any worse."

Deirdre is Amelia's constant companion.  And, as a holistic therapist, Amelia is accepting though appalled.  But is there more to Deirdre than meets the eye?


How to Survive an Unwanted Divorce - by Amelia May Kingston

What do you do when your husband of two decades takes off virtually without warning and you realise that the reality of your life was a sham?

Amelia faces up to "home truths" and creates a life of positivity from all the negative and destructive forces that assail her.