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Volume 2 - No.1 -  2014



A child miseducated is a child lost - John F. Kennedy

Sages on Stages Desperately Needed

"It was the first premise of all schools throughout history: students would be educated by people who were themselves already educated. A biology teacher had to be an expert in biology; a history teacher must know history to teach history. Who would question the wisdom of these statements?"  Thus Bruce Price introduces his article that concerns the "Constructivist" theory that is apparently driving American education today.

Bruce Deitrick Price is an author, artist, poet and education activist. He founded in 2005. This site now has 60 articles. Some are academic/intellectual; others deal with theories and methods used in public schools. 

Price's fifth book is The Education Enigma -- What Happened To American Education. His main message is: Join my education crusade, or start your own, but let's get serious about improving education