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Volume 2 - No. 1 -  2014


The Last Word


We hope you have enjoyed reading this issue.

It has been produced in advance of the London Book Fair that is held at Earls Court between 8 and 10 April.

We look forward to this annual event mainly as an opportunity to get together with the publishers who regularly supply us with books for review.  Since last year we have added Jessica Kingsley Publishers to our list and have received very flattering feedback on the quality of the reviews provided.

Don't forget, we are always on the lookout for further reviewers, so if you find the scope and subject areas that are currently available of interest, and would like to contribute a well-written review in exchange for a book, please put your name forward.  Even if a book that you think you would like to review is not being offered by one of our existing publishing friends, please let us know and we will be happy to ask the publisher for a review copy on your behalf.

If any reader intends to visit the London Book Fair, please let me (Joe Sinclair) know and we may be able to meet up for a chat and a cuppa at Earls Court.



New Nurturing Potential 06 will appear in June 2014.  We will introduce a new main theme, having concluded Social Networking with the current issue, and are proposing a heading of Change and Transformation.  It has been ten years since we last covered this area.  Indeed, it was Issue No. 2 of Nurturing Potential in 2002 that devoted its main theme to the Self-Change Model, so it will be interesting to revisit that Model of Transformation and find out how it may have changed, as well as to examine some of the other Models in that area.

We would be very happy to receive contributions from you on this subject.

Indeed . . . on any subject!


Warm regards to all of you,

Joe Sinclair

Managing Editor