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Volume 2 - No 2 -  2014



A child miseducated is a child lost - John F. Kennedy

On the Teaching of Slow Students

In 1953 a young schoolteacher named Joan Dunn wrote a book about her experiences in Brooklyns public school system. I think this is one of the most profound passages ever written about education, especially the last sentence: "The time that should have been devoted to school work in reading, writing, thinking, and speaking is given over to chatter. Nobody knows this better than the children. They want to be taught step by step, so that they can see their progress. The duller they are, the more important and immediate is this need."

Bruce Deitrick Price is an author, artist, poet and education activist. He founded in 2005. This site now has 60 articles. Some are academic/intellectual; others deal with theories and methods used in public schools. 

Price's fifth book is The Education Enigma -- What Happened To American Education. His main message is: Join my education crusade, or start your own, but let's get serious about improving education