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in Education, Personal Growth, Health, Business, Ecology and the Arts 

Volume 2 - No. 2 -  Summer 2014


Main Theme

Plus a change, plus c'est la mme chose.


Change and Transformation

In everyday speech there is a tendency to use these two words indiscriminately as being interchangeable.

In fact there is quite a substantial difference between them, although the difference may appear to be subtle.  One of the simplest distinctions to be made between the two words is to regard Change as affecting the past and being constrained by the past; Transformation, by contrast, effects the future and is a systemic reordering  A simple - often quoted - example of the difference is represented by the change (growth) in size of a caterpillar and its transformation (metamorphosis) into a butterfly.

We have described and applied this theme in various ways throughout this issue of  New Nurturing Potential, such as business, health, and systems, including a backward look at the article published in the second issue of Nurturing Potential twelve years ago (The Trans-theoretical Model of Change). 


Change and Transformation quotes

A selection of appropriate quotations.  We are indebted to the website of Goodreads ( ) for many of these quotes.