by Sabine Kurjo McNeill


Connect your body with your mind, your heart with your hands,

Your thoughts with your soul!


Connect your essence with your being,

Your feelings with your actions,

Your dreams with your deeds!


‘Cause the world is split, separated and alienated.

We must connect what has come apart,

We need to link what wants to be together

We need to heal what hurts.


How can you and I, who are in pain and experience suffering,



We can heal our wounds and nourish each other’s souls.

We can let go of our fears – of ourselves and of others –

Let go of preconceived ideas of how life is

And how people are.


We can talk to our parents and our children,

Our lovers and our colleagues.

We can call meetings and pass telephone numbers on.

We can hand out addresses and choose to share information

Rather than hold on to it.

We can choose to communicate, we can use our power to link

And connect: with parts of ourselves and with parts of Humanity.


We can choose to change,

We can choose to open our minds to new ways of seeing:

We can see connections rather than separations,

Common ground rather than differences,

Links for action rather than insurmountable problems.


We can strengthen he links between likeminded people,

We can connect people with each other

Who are looking to initiate positive action together, in a group.


All this you and I can do –

In a world of crisis –

In a spirit of love –

With a heart full of courage –

With feelings of hope and trust –

In faith and confidence that the new world will come:


A world without war, without hunger, without homelessness;

A world providing food and shelter for everybody.


A world without fear:

Where we learn to live in love

‘cause love is letting go of fear of ourselves.

A world in which we leave at peace:

‘cause peace is letting go of our fear of others.


A world where there is light:

For enlightenment is letting go of fear of energy –

the energy that some people call ‘god’...